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Little update ... I've been trying to keep up with fashion week and all of that fashion programing on the Sundance Channel. And I finally found time to do some research, so I'll have a new tutorial up very soon.

In the mean while, I want to share my Documentary review. I watched the "The September Issue" not that exciting, but I found out of about the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund, which took me to the "Seamless" documentary about this awards program. I guess since they are giving away $200,000 you have to be bankable. In other viral videos I found out that if the Fashion World has a president its Anna Wintour, she can make or break your career. I've known about her and others, even before I started at FIDM, it just seems so surreal to me that one person has so much pull with the marketing aspect of this industry. I've never realized it before or never wanted to admit to my self, but its true.

Next!!!, "Unzipped", I didn't enjoy it much and it was mostly black and white. Some parts of it was fun to watch, but as a whole they could have done better. Not much of the behind of the scene that I was looking for.

"Eleven Minutes" I don't think I listed it in my last entry. But I found it to be very depressing.

"The Secret World of Haute Couture" that was interesting to see some of the people that buy these garments and the secrecy behind it all. To bad it was filmed as SD. I'm so used to seeing thing in HD that I sometimes forget the poor quality of SD. When watching anything that has to do with fashion I want to see every little detail as if I was filming it myself.

"Signe Chanel" I watched this documentary about Lagerfeld & Chanel a long time ago. It was nice to go back and review it again. This is by far one of the best documentaries of Haute Couture. They don't explain what they are doing or why, but you get to see them in acting and pick up little details. The "Valentino: The Last Emperor" also is good to watch. If you watch the DVD they have extended scenes of them creating one of the garments. His personal life doesn't interests me as much, but I love to see the garments being constructed.

I got inspired to create new garments and also try to create an Haute Couture gown. All sewn by hand and if I have time I'll maybe add some embroidery. I might not finish this project by the end of the year, but its worth trying. Even if its just to say that "I made this Haute Couture Gown all by myself".

I almost forgot about "The Day Before" now this was fascinating to watch. Some of the episodes didn't have much to cover, so they added fluff to make it more entertaining. But others gave you a real picture of what happens before the fashion show and how many pieces get cancelled or finished a second before the model goes on the runway. It made me take a step back at how I create garments. I always think I'm doing something wrong or that I'm a failure if it doesn't come out looking right the first time around. But what I discovered is that some garments are not right and some just need more tweaking. Also that it's ok to make mistakes once in a while, thats how we learn.

I think I covered everything I wanted to cover. TTFN


Fashion Documentaries

Yesterday I was doing some research and I stumbled across www.fashion-gorgeois.com. These tutorials are worth watching. I learned some things and others I already knew. But, having designer share ideas or the way they work can help others learn. I've always been interested in watching how other designers work. By watching them even if they don't tell you how they are doing whatever it is that they are doing, one can get a general idea on how something is made. (Wondering if that makes sense :/ )

Here's a list of the recent documentaries I've been watching:

Valentino: The Last Emperor

Lagerfeld Confidential

The September Issue



Starz Inside: Fashion Film

The Secret World of Haute Couture

Signe Chanel

Notebook on cities and clothes

Other Documentaries:

• Haute Couture: A Fashion Documentary -- Film Trailer

• The next documentary I'll be watching later this week is Jay McCarroll: Eleven Minutes.

• Also the Sundance Channel* has a Series called "The Day Before".

"... Prigent chronicles the final 36 hours prior to crucial seasonal runway shows featuring creations by some of the fashion world's leading designers. ..."

Season Two starts on Sept. 8, 2010

◊ On Sept. 11, 2010 they are airing Season One back-to-back.

Also check out Signe Chancel on the Sundance Channel:


Monday, September 13 7:30 PM


Monday, September 13 8:00 PM


Monday, September 13 8:30 PM


Monday, September 13 9:00 PM


Time/Date: ?

* Directv - Sundance Channel: 558

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