New Tutorial - E30: Grading the Basic Bodice Part 1

In this tutorial I will be going over the grading break down and how to grade with a grading machine and ruler. Subscribe to get email notification for Part II of Grading the Basic Bodice.

New Video! Grading the Basic Bodice Part 1http://youtu.be/RaJ3ru4oXZY


Anonymous said...

Your tutorials are realistic and useful for us.

eunice said...

Hi, I'm a new subscriber, and I was hoping you could recommend some texts that go into grading in detail. Thank you!

Unknown said...

Grading books are not easy. They are not explained very well, its as if they expect you to already know how to grade and they are just providing additional information. Grading Techniques for Fashion Design by Jeanne Price, Bernard Zamkoff was not helpful at all. I would stay away from that book. Concepts of Pattern Grading was good, but it was more like a workbook where sections needed to be filled in. But it did go into detail regarding other aspects of grading. If you want a basic basic grading book you can go with Grading Workbook by Connie Amaden-Crawford, it looks like the book FIDM handed out. Which only explained basic garments, and only women grading patterns. Hope this helps

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