New Tutorial :: Draping 101 - Front/Back Bodice Part 1 or 2

My new tutorial takes you step-by-step on draping the front & back bodice. You will need a dress form, if you wish to try out this tutorial. I've also been working on Part 2, so hopefully I'll have it uploaded by next week. I'm trying not to have such a big gap between tutorials. Unfortunately I have to work and having two family members in the hospital this year doesn't help. Plus making tutorials doesn't bring in any cash, I just do it because I want to shear my knowledge with people who want to learn.

You will be able to find step-by-step instruction if you visit my website PandemicApparel.com.

To view this tutorial on youtube.com, click here. Don't forget to subscribe to my youtube channel while you are there.

I also have this tutorial on vimeo.com, click here.

And if your interesting in receiving updates regarding my tutorials or website, follow me on Twitter, click here.


becomingandromeda said...

in the video you mention a pdf, where do we get it?

Unknown said...

Hi, I tried looking for the pdf. Where can we get it from?

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