19th Annual Art of Motion Picture Costume and Design Exhibition @ FIDM

Saturday, February 05, 2011, was the opening of the 19th annual art of motion picture costume and design Exhibition @ FIDM. Right after parking we made a B line for the exhibition. I love costume design and nothing gives me grater pleasure than to see these wonderful costumes in person. I have often thought about working at a museum, but how does one get started?

Enough about me ...

Here are a few pictures of the costumes. I took about 140 pictures, but I only found 12 that I wanted to show you.

The exhibition was in a Z pattern, which was fun to walk around.

While watching Burlesque ... I noticed that some of the scenes look like Cabaret. The costumes and musical numbers were pure candy, but the story line sucked.

On a bathroom break, I found the famous Dior dress displaced in a glass case. Across from that was a wall show casing a few pictures and designs. They always have the best displays. I remember when I attended FIDM they had a new display on each floor, every week. I miss those days, going in early or staying late just to walk around wishing I could touch the outfits behind the glass cases. Memories :) Oh, They also had a display of men's accessories and perfumes in a small room off to the right of the elevator. I didn't take any pictures, didn't know if I was aloud. I should have taken at lest one ... Oh well, next time.

Here is a blurred picture of the party from the outside.

Oh, and I found me a celebrity, Nick Verreos. He was there last year as well. Didn't say "Hi", although now that I think of it, I should have.

Sorry this post is long over due, I'm just trying to finish a few things before I get into filming some tutorials. As for the new tutorial, I'm having trouble with the voice over part. It's hard to do everything without any help. TTFN


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