How To Clean an Iron.

Last week I started to clean my iron plate and found an article RealSimple made, but omitted a few of the steps since my iron manual advised against it.

It came out pretty clean, As you can see from the first image, that I doctored (I realized in the middle of cleaning that this would be a good blog post).

How I cleaned my iron:

I used 8 Tbsp Baking Soda & 4 Tbsp Cold Water (its a 2 to 1 ratio).

While the iron was cold I applied the paste with a towel, then I wiped it off with a clean towel. This didn't clean the iron, but it took some of the mineral deposits off.

I then turned the iron ON and set it to HIGH and steam to HIGH. With a damp towel I wiped off the paste. Then, I placed a clean towel on a heat resistant surface, and started squirting it with water and started working the iron back and forth on the towel, using steam.

Some of the iron's steam vents got clogged with the paste. I used a wet cotton swab to clean the baking soda from the vents.

This was no easy task ... It took me a good hour to clean it, but I did it.

Next, I want to start working on the smaller stains with either wax paper or toothpaste. Not sure if this will work, but I found two blogs where people have tried it and worked. I'll keep you posted on the results.

For more information about cleaning your iron check out my old post How to Clean Your Iron


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