Replacing Broken Zipper on Jeans

My boyfriend (BF) had two pairs of jeans one had a perfect zipper but was torn; the other had a broken zipper and was otherwise perfect. He had asked me to take both jeans and make one. Rather than make a video tutorial which would take more time that I at the moment I decided to make a blog entry.

The following picture is from the jean that is missing the tooth, a second tooth broke alter on. But you can see that it needed replacing.

This next picture I'm removing the stitches of the waistband. If this is your first time replacing a zipper on jean or any other garment take notes on how its constructed or better yet take a few pictures before you start ripping seams.

Once the waistband seams were removed I started on removing the zipper on the left side of the pants.

I also had to remove some stitches that were holding the zipper in place at the crotch seam.

Next I moved to removing the zipper on the right side of the pants. After doing this to both pants, which took some time, I had my zipper and the broken one.

Here you can see the missing teeth on the lower zipper. These zippers didn't have a "top stops" so when I closed it the pull tab take flying off the teeth. I was left with the pull tab in my hand and surprised look on my face almost comical. It took forever to try to get the pull tab back on the zipper teeth. So keep in my don't close the zipper all the way and secure it with a safety pin.

Now I can finally attach the zipper to the pants.

First I hand stitched the zipper in place, serged the edges that needed it.

Then using my new Juki sewing machine I top stitched the zipper. Since this machine doesn't allow for 2 needle for the top stitching. I had to sew it twice and make sure to be careful about the distance between both.

I started off by attaching the right side of the zipper first then the left side I attached the zipper to the under flap and then top stitched it. Finally I top stitched the crotch seam and the little notch. I'm not sure what its called so I use "little notch". It the zigzag stitch that holds down the inner flap to the jeans.

After finishing the top stitching I moved on to attach the waistband, that was the easiest part.

My BF didn't care that I couldn't match the thread color, so you'll be able to see my top stitching.


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