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After using the Serger for my BF's Jeans, it stopped working. I was in a panic because I had orders to fill. Long story short I had to use a clean edge and bias tape for the raw edges of the seams, because I dropped my serger off at a locale sewing repair shop. Prier to dropping it off I called around and fold what at the time seemed like a reliable repair shop. But when I received a call from them 2 days later I was enraged. I was told that it was going to be $145 which included timing and oiling. I just wanted them to do the timing, so I can continue working. They said they wouldn't because the timing wouldn't hold if I didn't oil it. They tried to convince me that the oiling was needed because the handle felt ruff when you turned it. The handle felt a little ruff or tight, but it only after the timing happened. So they where full of shit. I think they wanted more money. Yes, the machine needs grease on the inside of the machine, but that has nothing to do with the timing nor the handle. So I declined the work and took my machine home and started searching. During my search I found this blog ... bangerlm.blogspot.com

"So I think there is some kind of conspiracy going on. Considering that the local repair shops charge $100, it becomes very pricy to get your machine(s) serviced every year as recommended. Especially if you have machines that only cost around $100-$200. ..." [Link]

I totally agree with her, it does feel like a conspiracy.

The pictures are detailed and you could see the alignment points. My BF was the master mind behind fixing my machine. It took a little while before we go it just right. We had to eliminate why it wasn't working, what was loose, and what didn't needed fixing. We narrowed it down to the upper looper wasn't aligned correctly and we did some tweaking and many test until we got it up and running again. I still need to grease the inside of the machine, but that can wait for another day.

This is a very poor design, because the machine needs to be keyed. If this was a man's machine, you can bet that the adjustable points would be marked in case it went out of alignment. Since people like to pray on the weak, they feel the need to charge us tones money to get one little thing fixed.

After this fiasco I'm going to learn as much as I can about fixing my own machines. I'm never going to take one of my machines to get repaired again. Its not worth buying a $200-$500 machine to turn around and fix it every year for $100 or more. Let say that the machine last about 10 year that $1,000 plus the $200-$500 you spent the the machine. The repairs are more than the machine itself. You are better off buying a new machine if your going to spend that money to repair it. I'm done talking about this for now.

I have video of the before and after that I might upload at a later date. It doesn't show us fixing it, which I regret not filming, but we didn't know if we would get it fixed or not. At the very least if we didn't get it fixed I was going to take it in to get repaired and pay the $145. I'm so happy that we got it working you can't imagine.

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White Speedylock 1600

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